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Image of housefire

A fire plan is the first step to ensuring you are on the way to being bush fire ready. The next, is to ensure you and your equipment are prepared for the season. All the evidence from years of experience, indicates the importance of having an engine powered pump for both asset protection as well as post fire management of burning fences or surrounding vegetation, as well as other structures including buildings. Once... Read more!

Image of 5series Firefighters

South Australians can soon take advantage of the State Government’s cost share grant scheme for private firefighting and other emergency services equipment. The Regional Capability Community Fund is offering up to $2,500 for farmers to purchase equipment to help them respond better to local emergencies. Examples of equipment available under the scheme include water storage tanks, farm fire units, personal protective clothing and other safety equipment. Applications are open from March 15 to 31. To be eligible, all applicants must demonstrate a basic understanding of safety requirements, roles and ... Read more!

Image of bottled water pouring

The first documented case of bottled water being sold was in Boston, US during the 1760s. The practice has been on the rise ever since. In fact in 2008, the US alone drank approximately 34 billion litres of bottled water - this has increased by around 10% each year since and is predicted to continue doing so globally. Unfortunately most available statistics relate to the US, however they still offer a good idea of the global issue. For instance in the US annually, 17 million barrels of oil are used to make water bottles. To put this in perspective, this is enough oil to fill one million cars for ... Read more!